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8th August, 1911 : Fifty thousand armed troops were preparing to join other forces in London last night while Liverpool was wracked by riots in which at least two men were shot dead. A nationwide strike by stevedores, railwaymen, carriers and other transport workers is bringing the much of the country to standstill. Manchester and other major cities are fearing widespread famine. Three warships are anchored in the Mersey, in which a long line of merchant ships and passenger liners is waiting to be unloaded. Naval detachments are preparing to join troops and hard-pressed police in the City where an estimated 200,000 people have taken to the streets. Much of Liverpool is without electricity because coal is not reaching the power stations. In London, buses have been taken off the roads due to petrol shortages. Strike-breaking vans were stoned, and police leave cancelled. Labour MP Keir Hardie told a strike meeting at London’s Tower Hill: “The masters show you no mercy. They starve you, they sweat you, they oppress you. Pay them back in their own coin”.

[ The rhetoric slightly changed, but the goals are still the same.]

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