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15th August, 1900 : Troops of the Allied forces in China entered Peking yesterday to end the 56-day siege of Europeans in the capital by forces of the boxer rebellion. Final success came after a long fighting advance from Tientsin, captured by them last month. The Allied column of 10,000 men met fierce and determined resistance from the Chinese who were well equipped with modern field guns. Small pockets of Boxer resistance still remain in the capital and surrounding countryside, but once the allies have consolidated their positions they intend to attack these enemy nests. It is reported that the losses in the international force are light. The Allied advance guard found that foreigners in the besieged legations were in a desperate plight. All women and children had gathered in the British Embassy, a large building, which throughout the siege, had been under heavy, though intermittent, attack. When the troops arrived they had less than a week’s supply of food. Both the Emperor and the Emperor Dowager are reported to have fled with a vast amount of treasure two days ago.

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