No shooting

Paul Jacko


No shooting, poison only. That is The Green way – slow, indiscriminate poisoning, whether of minds or fauna. This post is about animals – non-native animals which cause significant damage to agricultural land, and the great damage to the national parks. Farmers and graziers have to take their own measures – mostly by allowing hunters, professional or recreational, to reduce the pests’ numbers. National parks and state forests?

 In New South Wales the Game Council was established and some limited hunting in National Parks was allowed; a logical and cost effective way of dealing with the problem. Only the lunatic fringe of the society, i.e. the animal rights activistas who hide their totalitarian designs in emotional, cuddly animals mantle, pretend to like feral pigs, goats and rabbits.

 However, the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, as expected, turned out in this matter also to be a pseudo-conservative, i.e. a typical liberal,, differing from the Labor only in rhetoric. “In a clear attack on the rights of law-abiding, responsible and ethical hunters, O’Farrell announced that he would disband Game Council NSW and suspend all hunting on public lands.”(SSAA NSW Executive Director Dianna Melham) The obvious and cowardly sop to urban greenies, whose only contact with nature is via the Discovery Channel and the befuddled Dick Smith’s Australian Geographic, will ultimately result in further degradation of our national parks and state forests and in the acceleration of extinction of native fauna.

 The issue of hunting, firearms rights and the bureaucratic control and the desired abolishment of same is very deep, disturbing and depressing. The hunters, almost by a definition independent, nature loving, non-herd following and capable of thinking for themselves are a direct opposite to the Greenies, average Labor voters and pseudo-environmentalists. Hunting guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens, (I mean Citizens with a capital ‘C”, not the illegal immigrants rushed through the citizenship process so that they can vote for the benefactor party, i.e. Australian Labor Party), are the anathema both to the overt and covert totalitarians. Naturally, the Liberal and National parties, devoid of any discernible principles except the power principle, follow the media-fabricated trend and suppress the hunters, target shooters and gun owners generally.

 You may do your little bit of showing you are not a mindless, media manipulated ewe by signing the petition to NSW Government:

 Perhaps this one, for a change, will not be ignored.

 It sounds sentimental, but if you are unhappy with the major parties (as I am) and are tempted to vote the Greens (as I am not), think about all the bilbies, kangaroos, wombats and bandicoots, not to mention those imported pigs, foxes and goats, dying a prolonged, painful death because of the Greens’ inhuman ideology. A selective, well-placed bullet beats the indiscriminate sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) helicopter baiting any time. Think before you tick those hypocrites’ box on the voting slip.


About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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7 Responses to No shooting

  1. Anne T says:

    Death comes to all.

  2. Kevlar Stephen says:

    The truth to be told, the Greens and greenies fear the bush.

  3. Don Masters says:

    The Greens are the most irresponsible party around. Perhaps they will be no more after 7th September.

  4. Ani Cheared says:

    I really like the points that you stated in this post.

  5. Oak Tree Lover says:

    The Greens are the vermin to be eradicated, by democratic means, if possible.

  6. Sick One says:

    Simple solution, don’t vote liberal.

  7. Fake Ming says:

    The Greens are the poison of minds.

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