The Green scams

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger


A frightening image [An-idyll-blighted-18-000-solar-panels],  stopped me for a moment while browsing the Daily Mail website:

 That is the “green”future under the totalitarians, who know very well what they are doing –destroying humanity. One comment on that article here:


 “Clearly no one has bothered to look at the latest nuclear power stations, such as the 4th generation pebble bed reactors, which are many million times more productive per acre than solar panels, and safe to boot. Or new Thorium models, which are safe. Solar panels are completely unsustainable, and designed by people who’s primary purpose, alongside fleecing the public through government subsidised energy, is depopulation, which is exactly way this method of energy production will do. Obama has mandated that 40% of US crops be set aside for biofuels (burning food!?), added to solar panels in arable land, is absolutely disastrous for food security and energy production. We need to be increasing the energy flux density of our energy sources by using more technologically advanced/ sophisticated means – which will eventually lead us to fusion energy, not these backward so-called sustainable methods.”

 - John , Colchester, United Kingdom,

And as luck would have it, shortly afterwards I noticed the following. It seems that nothing at all the ‘environmentalists” are saying can be trusted.

 The truth about Solar Panel performance and temperature

 How does the Aussie heat affect your solar panel performance?

 One of the main factors that makes Solar Power so popular over here (apart from the Aussie Pollies throwing wads of money at in in the form of Solar rebates and Solar Feed In Tariffs) is the fact that the Sun is so damn strong down here.

 It’s not rocket science to work out why Solar Power hasn’t really taken off in less sunny climes like my homeland; grey, drizzly old England.

 In fact the same 1.5kW system on a roof of my Mum’s quaint cottage in Northern England will produce 45% less energy than if it was on my roof here in Sunny Adelaide.

 So does that mean the more sun the better, when it comes to generating Solar Power?

 That would kind of make sense right?

 Unfortunately, as with most things in this life, it is a bit more complicated than that.

 In fact when it comes to solar power you can have too much sun.

 Say What?!?

 The problem is, most solar panels’ power outputs start to degrade if the temperature of the panel goes over about 25°C.

This is why, if you look at the specification label on a solar panel, most manufacturers quote the solar power output at a panel temperature of 25degC.

So does that mean that if it is 25°C outside and a clear blue sky then your panels will be performing to their rated output?

 Err… no.

 Because, if the air temperature outside is 25°C, that dark solar panel baking on your roof is going to be closer to 50°C.

So how much solar power will you be losing on a 25°C day if the panel manufacturer has quoted power output at a solar panel temperature of 25°C?

 To work that out we need to know the solar panel’s “Max Power Temperature Coefficient”, which should be on the solar panel’s specification sheet.

 A typical value for this is 0.4% per °C.

Which means that for every degree that the solar panel is above 25°C the  power will fall 0.4%.

So on a cool 25°C day where the panel is cooking at 50°C, you will be losing 10% of your solar power.

 Here’s the calc:

 0.4% x (50°C -25°C) = 0.4% x 25°C = 10%

 And on days when the mercury breaks 40°C you can be losing close to 20% of your solar power.

 Which is why you can often find that on the hottest days those solar panels on your roof are actually producing less solar power than usual.”

 January 21, 2011 by Finn Peacock


 Vote the Greens?


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13 Responses to The Green scams

  1. Pat Howard says:

    Only a simpleton can vote the Greens.

  2. Tovira says:

    The Greens are a blight on the landscape and a blight on the body politic.

  3. Ken Strong says:

    Nuclear power is safer.

  4. st pauli says:

    Hello there. I am so grateful I found your blog, I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more. Please do keep up the excellent work.

  5. Tymothy says:

    The Greens and the greenies lie.

  6. Handra Virus says:

    I like this weblog.

  7. A Sander says:

    The whole thing has to run its course. Another thirty or fifty years and the people will see what a con those environmentalists played on the world.

  8. Pin Wan says:

    As long as there are stupid people, the greenies and other carpetbaggers will flourish.

  9. Banty says:

    Howdy! I merely would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good data you have here on this post. I will probably be coming more to your weblog soon.

  10. Habiba says:

    There is no end to those scams. It will need some serious action.

  11. Houba says:

    Those conferences are very big scam, but not as big as the whole AGW nonsense.

  12. Demen Folce says:


  13. Homare says:

    They scam the whole planet!

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