Post mortem

 Rudolf Vyborny

 Introduction. Watching media coverage and analysis of Labor’s defeat was very surprising for me. Similarly as Rudd’s speech it looks more like celebrating victory than admission of a defeat. No grace at all. ABC, for instance, interviewed many Labor representatives, as if Labor’s defeat was more important for Australia’s future than the new era under the Coalition. It was hard to believe so much arrogance and self delusion. So I decided to offer my own analysis. The main theme was: Labor was a good government and only disunity was the cause of the election loss. Full article.

About Rudolf Vyborny

Professor Emeritus, University of Queensland, Mathematics Areas of Interest are Real and Complex Analysis, particularly PDE's and the Henstock-Kurzweil integral.
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3 Responses to Post mortem

  1. Milan says:

    Nice and succinct. You are describing our Democrat Party to a tee. After all, they all have the same sick sense of humor. I call them a pack of Hyenas. They hunt together to kill and once they have a pray–then they devour it and fight each other over the scraps…they have various names and hide under various doctrines-just like chameleon: Labor, Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Bolsheviks, Nazis, etc., etc. Power and money is very much in demand for them. Keep exposing those packs…

  2. Monster voter says:

    Very interesting. And now what?

  3. Hyper Clown says:

    It was somewhat disgraceful period in Aus political life.

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