October revolution

..from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

October revolution

There indeed was one, in October 1917 in Russia, (The Great October Revolution) now celebrated by the Left every November, though for at least eighty years it would have to be obvious even to the intellectually challenged that the Marxist myth leads only to murder, mayhem and misery. Maybe that is what they want.

The months in a year are a few, twelve on the last count, and the people who wish to appropriate them for their propaganda are many. I thus would ignore an item about “Ocsober ‘, were it not for a pretty face of Natalie Gruzlewski, gracing same. (I hope she will grow up into something more useful than a “TV personality”.)

The idea is, or seems to be, that people pledge not to drink during that month and donate money to an institution which tries to teach school children not to drink to excess. Highly commendable purpose – www.ocsober.com.au

I was puzzled that I have not heard of it before, thought it has been around at least since 2009. Perhaps I am not moving in the right circles, perhaps I am beyond help or perhaps the fact that, apparently, some LibNats supporting businessmen came up with the idea, had something to do with it. As media constantly remind us, only the Left is doing good, or at least constantly talking about it. Our media would see no point in giving any publicity to the workers-exploiting, environment-destroying Right.

Labor, on the contrary, needs legless and mindless voters and takes a different approach. For example, during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd rein of free dispensation of the taxpayers’ money, one trade union received a significant grant to address the problem of excessive drinking by young members. The solution was – a capacity building.


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2 Responses to October revolution

  1. Mon Schalke says:

    What else is there for children to do but drink themselves to oblivion? The Green propaganda tells them we are doomed.

  2. E.Doudou says:

    Young people drink too much, that’s obvious. Ubfortunately, the oldies are not setting up a very good example.

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