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 Paul Jacko


Here we go again. Fog of Chaos mentioned the elephant poaching in Africa a few times: Jumbo – August, 2011; Chinese elephants’ sunset – March 2012; Chinese, elephants and Combet – May, 2012. The situation is not improving, simply because some Chinese are getting richer and poaching is thus getting nastier.

 Using poison instead of noisy and nasty firearms (Fog of Chaos – No shooting) will undoubtedly, albeit secretly, will please the environmentalists and assorted greens everywhere. The lengthy suffering out of sight is their preferred way.

 More than 80 elephants have been killed after ivory poachers in Zimbabwe poisoned their watering holes with cyanide, endangering one of the world’s biggest herds.

 Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere said the elephants had died in the last few weeks in the Hwange national park, the southern African nation’s largest.

 He said the poachers had struck while security forces were preoccupied with unrest related to the July 31 general election.

 Police and rangers had recovered 19 tusks, cyanide and wire snares after a sweep through villages close to the park, which lies just south of Victoria Falls.”

 That means that more than 140 tusks are on their way to China.

 “Mr Kasukuwere, who was appointed to the environment ministry a week ago, said his officials are ‘declaring war on poachers’.” (Read more:

 It is fashionable nowadays to declare faux wars – wars on terror, wars on hunger, wars on racism, wars on poverty – the media love it. Seeming is far more important than doing, not to mention perhaps achieving something, thought the greens’ ideology certainly achieved something – raised the animal suffering to a higher level.

 Norman Mailer: “As socialists we want a socialist world not because we have the conceit that men would thereby by more happy… but because we feel the moral imperative in life itself to raise the human condition even if this should ultimately mean no more that man’s suffering has been lifted to a higher level.”/ David Reisman Reconsidered (1954)


About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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3 Responses to The Green way

  1. Theo Dukis says:

    The Greens are mostly very nasty people.

  2. De vox populi says:

    The environmentalists and the animal rights people cause damage due to their ignorance of just about anything. They can’t even comprehend their Marxism.

  3. Flam Ender says:

    Surely nobody expects the greenies to behave like decent human beings?

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