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 “I’ve had it with the two-party boondoggle” is the common feeling one can hear all over the Republic. “Both, Democrat and Republican politicians are the reason for the sad state of affairs.” Of course, the public elected them. It took decades to come to a place where we’re struggling now to recover from depravities inflicted upon the citizenry of this Republic by Liberals in general and this regime in particular. Return to some degree of sanity will also take some time, however. Perhaps, the first sign of “spring” is the tea party movement maturing into a formidable force.

The tea party grass-root cells have sprouted everywhere since 2009, building on the famous Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773, that took place when a group of Massachusetts Patriots, protesting the monopoly on American tea importation recently granted by Parliament to the East India Company, seized 342 chests of tea in a midnight raid on three tea ships and threw them into the harbor.

They were first born of resistance to increasing national debt and the new Health Care Law travesty Democrats forces down our throat known as Obama-Care. Unprecedented reckless spending supported by borrowing and plain “printing” of new monies illustrated great vulnerabilities of such federal policies. This was a quintessential road to hell paved with good intentions. The former “silent majority” or non-active plain citizens have organized spontaneously to form cells and local organizations forming a movement to field numerous candidates to run for elective offices. The federal as well as local elections of 2010 were resounding success and testimony to their creativity and passion for the Constitution. However, it was only a first step. Two years later public re-elected Obama and Republicans surrendered to Obama’s demagogic extortions in October of 2013 when Obama and Democrats partially closed the Federal Government until Republicans blinked and gave him his ‘victory’. All hell broke loose as the Republican establishment attempted to point the finger and attacked all TP sponsored Congressmen and Ted Cruz in particular. This was a full front assault, supported by the major media. Democrats were quietly laughing out loudly, enjoying every moment. This did not diminished Ted Cruz statute, however. More and more citizens are awaking to the reality of Obama failures and Republicans not performing as the effective opposite party.


 There is even some suggestion that the tea party-like grass-root organizations went international and are spreading in Europe. The Tea Party (TP) stands for these basic principles:

1. Respect the Constitution


2. Keep the government small and effective


3. Fiscal responsibility


4. Get the Government out of people’s life-eliminate excessive regulations


5. Non-interventionist Foreign Policy


There is a new crop of TP candidates running for the next elective office at all levels of government and their new model to follow is Ted Cruz-not Ronald Reagan, interestingly. This new icon of younger generation is a TP phenomenon. It is refreshing to see a politician who sticks to his campaign promises and stands on principle. Now, that the Obama-care is failing miserably, we’ll need more Ted Cruz-like members in Congress to start reversing all the damage this regime inflicted upon the American citizenry.


 With this relatively new phenomenon: just who are these TP members? Some answers may come perhaps from unexpected sources:


Dan Kahan, a professor at Yale Law analyzed the scientific understanding of several political entities when he came to a surprising conclusion: those who agree with tea party ideals are more scientifically adept than those of other political persuasions.


Kahan put together histograms of the scientific understandings of both liberals and conservatives and saw that tea partiers rated high, based on standards put out by the National Science Foundation. According to the data, those who hold tea party views are solidly more adept in scientific literacy than those who do not hold those view points, including other conservatives.


This data correlates with findings from the New York Times. In 2010, that paper reported that tea party followers have higher incomes and are better educated than the general public on average. This casts doubt on the oft-perpetrated stereotype that tea party followers are uneducated rednecks who do not understand scientific issues such as climate change or political issues and economic matters.





/From our Washington correspondent


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