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7th November, 1917 :Russia’s Bolsheviks overthrew the Provisional Government of Alexander Kerensky in Petrograd today in a sudden and virtually bloodless coup. The country’s second revolution in eight months has brought Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky to power and may easily be the end of any hopes for a liberal democratic Russia. The Bolshevik takeover began when armed squads of revolutionaries occupied railway stations, post offices, telephone exchanges and banks as well as the cruiser Aurora, which flew the red flag and was anchored in the river Neva opposite the Winter Palace. It remains to be seen whether the Bolsheviks, a minority and led by emigres, will win the support of the rest of the country. But they have a popular slogan – “Peace, land, bread, and all power to the soviets”.

[The slogan was as false as anything Obama managed to come up with. It failed in all four promises – a soviet is Russian for a committee, just as in Spanish junta.]

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  1. Milan says:

    Совершенно право.
    Долой Советского Союза! Да здравствует царь! Вот гораздо лучшяя и более приятная коллекция музыка: старинные русские вальцы:

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