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8th November, 1956 : On the stroke of midnight all military operations by British and French forces in the Canal Zone came to a halt. Under the United Nations terms accepted by the Allies, their troops will remain in place until an international force arrives to take over. In New York the UN Secretary-General Doug Hammarskjold, began assembling 6,000 men from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Colombia, Finland and India, ready to be dispatched as soon as the UN General Assembly has voted approval. The Anglo-French forces claim to have occupied the greater part of the Canal. Supported by tanks, they pushed down to Ismalia before halting. The French claim that 95 percent of the Egyptian Air Force has been destroyed. Egyptian land forces which tried to put up a resistance were brushed aside. Even so, the decision to halt before the complete occupation of the Canal represents a climb down under UN and US pressure.

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