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21st November, 1960 : A battle between Congolese and UN troops took place tonight outside the house where the Ambassador of Ghana, Nathaniel Welbeck, had barricaded himself in after refusing an order to leave the country. The Congolese accused him of intriguing to bring back Patrice Lumumba, deposed as premier by Mobutu. UN troops from Tunisia and police from Ghana opened fire when the Congolese forces came near the house. A Colonel and five other ranks were killed. Firing continued into the early hours, with the Congolese using cannon and machine guns. Seven Tunisians are believed killed.

[Patrice Lumumba, a hero of leftist intelectuals safely in the Western countries, was mentioned here two years ago.]

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  1. D. Mosser says:

    The Left loves crooks, murderers and rapist – they are close to them in heart.

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