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27th November, 1966 : Voters in Australia and New Zealand appear happy with their involvement in Vietnam. That is how the victorious Conservative parties of both countries are interpreting yesterday’s election results. For the first time, the Liberals in Australia have a mandate to rule outright, but will maintain the coalition with the Country Party, making for a huge majority of 39 in the Lower House. The Prime Minister, Harold Holt, attributes the success to his party’s attraction for younger voters. The re-election of Keith Holyoake’s National Government in New Zealand was not as convincing – his majority fell by one – but he considers it an endorsement of his Vietnam policy.

[While the population of North Vietnam was practically unanimous in its opposition of US, Australian and New Zealand involvement in the Vietnam war, the majority of population of those countries approved it. Unfortunately, the myth of the widespread opposition was accepted by cowardly politicians. The enemy propaganda was ultimately successful.]

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