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11th December, 1901 : The feasibility of global communication by wireless was demonstrated beyond all possible doubt today, when a signal transmitted from Cornwall was detected in Newfoundland, over 2,000 miles away. The Italian wireless pioneer, Gugliemo Marconi, planned and carried out the experiment. At Poldhu on the Lizard he set up an aerial 164 feet high. At St John’s in Newfoundland a kite took an aerial even higher. At 6 p.m. GMT Poldhu started to transmit the three dots of the letter S in Morse code at five minutes intervals. Faint but clear signals were detected almost immediately on the other side of the Atlantic. Today’s triumph is the culmination of a series of experiments with wireless by Marconi. He started at home in Italy in 1895 attempting to transmit messages from his house to a receiver in the garden.

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