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13th December, 1963 : Kenya yesterday became the 34th African territory to achieve independence, and its transition marks a significant turning point for African nationalism. Within the decade the once dominant European rule has retreated into enclaves: in the north, Algeria, and at the other extreme, South Africa and Rhodesia, all white settler territories. But so also was Kenya. The Duke of Edinburgh handed Kenya’s instruments of independence to Jomo Kenyatta, who appealed to people of all races to join him in the Swahili rallying cry: “Harambee!” When Harold Macmillan, then Prime Minister, made his “winds of change” speech in January 1960, only a handful of countries in black Africa had gained any form of independence. By the end of that year more than a dozen were fully independent.

[A half of the century of self-governing and what they have to show for it? GDP per capita $1,800, 40% unemployment, 1.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS, 50% of population bellow poverty line and facing the Chinese colonialism]

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  1. Charlie Green says:

    They have not much to show for all this time of independence. Maybe in two hundred, three hundred years …

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