NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) April, 1973 : The White House today announced the resignation of four of President Nixon’s top aides in the spreading Watergate scandal. They are: H R “Bob” Haldeman, the President’s chief of staff; John Ehrlichman, Haldeman’s closest ally and Nixon’s chief domestic affairs adviser; Richard Kleindienst, the US Attorney-General; and John Dean, legal counsel to the President. On April 17 Kleindienst disqualified himself from dealing with the Watergate break-in because of his “close personal and professional relationship” with some of those mentioned in the scandal. In a televised address to the nation President Nixon accepted responsibility for the Watergate incident, but denied any personal involvement. After the speech, the President told reporters to “give me hell every time you think I’m wrong”.

[How the times changed! Compared to Hussain Obama, Richard Nixon looks like a paragon of political ethic.]

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