Saigon, April 1975

Saigon, April 1975

22nd July, 1954: Agreement was reached in Geneva to bring peace to Indochina. The main provision of the treaty calls for the division of Vietnam along the1 17t Parallel, with the Communist Viet Minh controlling the north and Emperor Bao Dai controlling the south with French support. One weakness is that there will be no joint guarantee actually signed by all the Geneva Conference powers. The French Premier, M. Pierre Mendes-France obviously believes that he has achieved his aim of “an honourable settlement”. Others are less convinced. Senator Knowland, the Republican leader in the US Senate, prophesied: “We may regret that such an agreement has been forced upon the French”.

[ The foreign affairs “expert”, an academic Henry (Kissinger) obviously did not read anything beside the Washington restaurants’ menus before he committed his adopted country (USA) to even more ignominious “agreement”. The academic simpletons and corrupted politicians will sell their citizens for a piece of silver or a Nobel Peace Prize. Will they ever learn that papers signed by Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh or Putin are worthless?]

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