23rd July, 1955: The first East-West Heads of Government meeting since 1945 ended in Geneva today. With diplomatic humbug, Sir Anthony Eden, President Eisenhower, the French Premier, Edgar Faure, and Soviet Premier, Nikolai Bulganin,, declared it a success. In truth, they agreed about nothing – except that their Foreign Ministers will meet again in the autumn for another bid to solve the problem of Germany’s future. The Western leaders found the Russian delegation less sinister, but not less unyielding, than in the days of Stalin. On the question of European security, Mr Bulganin totally rejected a British plan for free all-German election followed by a peace treaty with a reunified Germany.

[ It took 45 years … ]

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  1. Fragil Mind says:

    Trust the Russian at your, and your nation, peril!

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