28th July, 1953: The war in Korea is over after three years of bloody fighting which has cost over two million lives. The armistice was signed at Panmunjom at 10.01 yesterday. The terms of truce, which has taken two years of bitter general.clarkwrangling to settle, stipulate that both sides will destroy their front line positions and withdraw for two kilometres. Allied troop will withdraw from the islands they occupy off North Korea, and the naval and air blockades will be lifted. Another important agreement is that no reinforcements of men or material will be brought in which will increase existing numbers and supplies. A special committee will be set up too supervise the exchange of prisoners. The Allied commander, General Mark Clark, said: “It is good to have the bloodshed end. But a long and difficult road lies ahead. There are no short cuts. We must continue our efforts to seek and defend peace.”

Is he playing golf or fundraising?

Is he playing golf or fundraising?

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