Dachau,_Konzentrationslager28th August, 1933 : It has been officially confirmed that the Nazis are rounding up large number of Jews and sending them to concentration camps. Some have been arrested for ‘fighting Storm-troopers and others for ‘consorting with German girls’. Jews are not alone. The outlawed Socialist Party says 45,000 prisoners are being held in 65 camps, the largest being Dachau. Some foreign correspondents have been allowed into Dachau, and report that the camp consists of concrete huts used by munition workers until 1918 and are now surrounded by electrified barbed wire. The space between the double fence is patrolled by armed sentries who shoot, without challenge, anyone attempting to escape. The Prison Commandant, Herr Wekerle, said: “Four men made a dash for it last week. They got a hundred yards before the bullets hit them.”

[ Dachau concetration camp ]

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