1st September, 1987 : The number of AIDS cases reported in Australia so far this year has already exceeded health authorities’ projections. A total of 583 cases have been reported, with 363 reported this year. Deaths from the disease since 1982 total 319, including 18 women. The majority of cases are homosexual or bisexual men. The most affected age group is 30 to 39 years, and New South Wales the worst hit State with 398 AIDS sufferers.

[As of December 2011 an estimated 24,731 people were living with an HIV diagnosis in Australia. From the start of the epidemic until the end of 2011, there have been 31,645 diagnoses of HIV and 10,796 diagnoses of AIDS. Australia has recorded 6,843 AIDS deaths. HIV transmission in Australia occurs primarily through sexual contact between men. Around 66% of people newly diagnosed with HIV in 2011 were among men who have sex with men; 25% were exposed through heterosexual contact; 3% were due to injecting drug use; and a further 3% were men with a history of both injecting drug use and sex with other men.” – See more at:]

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