rhodesia.crash.site4th September, 1978 : An Air Rhodesia Viscount airliner with 56 people on board crashed in remote bush country near Lake Kariba this evening, after being hit by a Russian SAM-7 heat-seeking missile. Both starboard engines were blown off by what a passenger described as a “thunderous explosion”. Some time after the 18 survivors had staggered from the wreckage and began looking to their injuries, a guerilla gang appeared and said they would get them water and help. Then they opened fire with their AK 47 assault rifles. One woman was gunned down as she was tearing strips from her dress to bandage people. There were eight survivors of the massacre. Five, including a girl of four, had left the scene of the crash to seek help from local villagers. Three others were hiding in the bush and looked on helplessly as, first, the people were killed and, then, the plane was looted. The area around Kariba has been infiltrated by Joshua Nkomo’s guerillas, Cuban-trained and Russian-armed.

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