22nd September, 1965 : Pakistani war planes today raided the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, as the war between India and Pakistan took a turn for the worse just hours before UN observers are due to start monitoring a ceasefire in the border conflict. The war, which began at the beginning of the month over rival claims on Kashmir, is the biggest threat to world peace since the 1939-45 conflict, according to Britain’s Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. The United Nations Secretary-General U Thant, appealed for a halt to the fighting as soon as Pakistani troops crossed the 1949 cease-fire line into Jammu three weeks ago, but the battle has since moved from the mountains to the cities, with India invading Pakistan and striking at Lahore 15 miles across the border, followed by a Pakistani air raid on Bombay. Mr Bhutto, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, has said his country is ready to fight “for a thousand years”, while India claims to have destroyed about half of Pakistan’s total of 400 tanks in the fighting near Lahore.

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