Labor politicians in court

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Supreme Court to rule on senior politicians in labor fund scandal inquiry”, a nice headline, but in Australia it would be a bit premature. That headline is from Spain. Here at least slightly independent judiciary would be nice. Well, we can dream; the currently at the trough LibNat politicians are peas from the same corrupt pod as the socialists. Any change we can expect from them is one entrenching the stifling political duopoly.

alayaThe judge investigating the corruption, Mercedes Alaya, has her own fan club. I am not sure, but am not aware of any currently serving Australian judge having one. Perhaps ABC, SBS, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Greenspartai and the Labor could be counted as such for judges Finkelstein / Fog of ChaosFinkelestein’s final solution July 2012, The United Union of Bullies November 2013 and The world-wide attacks on the freedom of speech March 2013 / or Bromberg / Fog of Chaos Travails of Bolt September 2011 and Everything bad is good for something December 2011/.

The judge overseeing the investigation into the labor fund scandal involving the Andalusian regional government has transferred part of the case to the Supreme Court because seven of the officials under scrutiny enjoy parliamentary immunity that exempts them from being tried in regular courts. Among the seven are two former heads of the Socialist Party-run regional government, Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán…”

…“It has taken three-and-half years to reach this point in an investigation into a regional government fund used to help pay jobless benefits at struggling companies conducting labor adjustment plans (or EREs in Spanish). As much as €140 million may have been misused between 2001 and 2010.

Alaya believes that the leadership of the former regional government of Andalusia was directly responsible for setting up the €721 million fund, which was then distributed arbitrarily. Alongside Chaves and Griñán, the judge has also targeted the former Andalusian regional government officials José Antonio Viera (now a deputy in Congress), Antonio Ávila, Manuel Recio, Carmen Martínez Aguayo and Francisco Vallejo (all Andalusian regional government deputies) as responsible for designing a structure that would avoid public scrutiny and that allowed money to be transferred quickly and without the involvement of regional government comptrollers and auditors.”

Maybe they were just young and naïve.

…“Last October, the judge ordered a roundup of presumed recipients of ERE bonuses, arresting, among others, several representatives of the CCOO and UGT labor unions. And at the same time Alaya took a statement from former public works minister Magdalena Álvarez, who was regional head of economy and finance when the administrative procedure that supplied the subsidies was set in motion. Álvarez defended the legality of her conduct, and declared she was unaware of the fraudulent use that the labor department – entrusted with the handling of the ERE funds – made of them.”

I nau noting – I am from Barcelona” defence? Just a de riguer slash fund for the protectors of workers’ rights?

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  1. Tamenista says:

    Politicians – same everywhere!

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