Live Well and Prosper (a New Year Resolution)

Milan Skarka

The French diplomat Talleyrand (1754–1838) has been credited with the saying La vengeance est un mets que l’on doit manger froid. [Revenge is a dish that should be eaten cold.], albeit without supporting detail. Well, there are a lot of cold ‘dishes’ being served in this World. As for myself I do not like cold cuts and cold dish makes me uncomfortable. There is nothing like a warm and soothing sauce poured over venison and dumplings. Certainly, roasted turkey and all that jazz during Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. Seafood, steaks, pork chops, good wine or beer and occasional brandy with a good cigar and good book are the ticket to happiness on this Earth. I know, it seems limited to the young ones and the restless, and it should be to them, for it will be their task to re-build our republic, the Republic that we have let slip away. It is a sure bet that the task will be enormous. However, for us the old farts it looks like heaven.

skarka.navyI think the best revenge is living as well as one can manage. There are a lot of questions, as one can imagine, about what living well and prosperity actually represent. What does living well actually mean? Does one need a lot of money and time to accomplish such ends? Does one need power to fulfill his/hers dreams and needs? What are or should be the ends and means to really achieve the satisfaction of such “revenge” in full? Most of all: does it require freedom to live well? A lot of questions, to be sure and I do not pretend to have answers to them. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind as Bob Dylan so quaintly expressed in the song. (

Well, so much for self-absorption and happiness. Given that we live in a binary three-dimensional universe the answers will be limited to the environment we live in and feel it with all of our virtual sensors. This inevitably leads to politics de jure because everything humans do or don’t do is essentially based in politics of one sort or another. Even the caveman had to be embroiled in rudimentary politic and fight his rivals for their very life in order to survive. History is filled with machinations and competitions of man for everything ranging from acquiring possession of materials to possession of women. This is how Mother Nature made us and to deny it would not only be detrimental to our very existence but idiotic.

As the New Year approaches we’re bound to reminiscence about what perspired during the past year and compelled to come up with resolutions of good will and wanted prosperity for the following year. This, in many forms, is mostly a wishful thinking. However, as once a smart man noted: we live our lives in the future but can only understand it in the past. Well, the past is often in dispute and requires a lot of soul-searching. This is immensely important if we are to chart a bold future for us, the people. Supposedly, this is what separates us from the animals. Rational thoughts, rational decisions and rational actions based on logic and experience.

Last November’s election in the US was a resounding victory for Republicans at all levels of government. One might even think that they have a mandate to change whatever malfeasance is currently going on in this administration. Many newly elected representatives campaigned on bold promise to stop the Obama regime in its track and introduce new agenda of hope and prosperity. This is very positive. However, the “Inside-The-Washington” crowd and leadership have not changed sufficiently enough to inspire very much confidence in the new direction. Only time will tell and the time is running. Republicans can be inept, granted. When democrats (lefties) screw up and get caught, they argue that both sides do it and everybody is responsible. This means that no one is really responsible and they usually get away with it by lowering the common denominator of behavior even lower, unlike the republicans who are experts in forming a circular firing squad when one of theirs strays from the traveled path. There are a few good men in the Republican Party that must be supported. They do not have a seniority position yet (what a antiquated system) but do have drive, new ideas and common sense solutions. Will the establishment let them succeed? It is up to you voters. They are your representatives. Granted, the difficulties are vast, the will of the people is dwindling and the Constitution is trampled upon every day with little hope of a turn-around. The only constant in this universe of ours is a change and change is coming for sure. The question remains, what kind of change?

Free minds and free markets?

All the best in the New Year 2015,

from your humble Washington correspondent

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  1. sue says:

    It’s interesting that he said ‘what perspired during the last year’. It’s cold over there right now. I guess he could just as easily said “what expired during the last year’. We may never know exactly what transpired!

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