sydhobart.1st26th December, 1945 : A new yacht race was inaugurated today when nine boats sailed from Sydney for Hobart – the longest race ever conducted out of Sydney Harbour. The nine, valued at more that £1,000 each, sailed at 11 a.m. and are expected to finish in a week to ten days time. The race was initiated by the Cruising Yacht Club and will run under a handicap system based on the time taken by the scratch boat, the Mistral. The last yacht to make the trip to Hobart from Sydney, the Josephine, took 27 days. However, the only Tasmanian entrant in the new race, the Winston Churchill, made the trip from Hobart to Sydney in four days and eight hours.

[ The winner Rani made it in six days, 14 hours and 22 minutes. In 2012 Wild Oats XI set a new record by crossing the line in 1 day, 18 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds. Of this’s 119 yachts entered, nine are foreign – 3 from Great Britain, 2 from USA and one each from Poland, Germany, Cayman Islands and New Zealand. First women, Jane Tate and Dagmar O’Brian took part in 1946. By now more than a thousand women have taken part.

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