27th December, 1945 : Two new bodies were created today to help avoid another world depression like that of 1930s. The International Monetary Fund will maintain stable exchange rates through a world currency pool. The Bank for Restoration and Development will channel loans from the rich to poor countries for reconstruction and development project. The idea came from the UN Breton Woods meeting last July.

[And not even seventy years later: “On 9th October 2014 sitting on its throne in Washington D.C., the IMF, International Monetary Fund, wrote in its Fiscal Monitor Report titled Taxing Times, that it recommends the confiscation of household assets by a “capital levy” on those citizens with a “positive net wealth” to reduce advanced economies debt to GDP ratios and stabilize global bond markets. By increasing taxes and instituting new capital controls and exit regulations for seizing/stealing Americans investment equity in their savings, IRAs and 401(k) plans.” ]

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