12th February, 1978 : A bomb exploded early today killing two men at the Hilton Hotel, in Sydney, where the Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, and the leaders of ten other countries are attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. A witness said there were “bits of bodies all over the place” after the contents of a rubbish bin exploded as they were tipped into the back of a garbage truck outside the hotel. The blast killed a policeman guarding the entrance to the hotel lounge and a garbage collector. Two minutes before the explosion, an anonymous telephone caller told police there was a bomb in a bin at the Hilton.


[ From Wikipedia:The bomb was planted in a rubbish bin and exploded when the bin was emptied into a garbage truck outside the hotel at 12:40 a.m. It killed two garbage collectors, Alec Carter and William Favell. A police officer guarding the entrance to the hotel lounge, Paul Birmistriw, died later. It also injured eleven others. Twelve foreign leaders were staying in the hotel at the time, but none were injured. Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser immediately called out the Australian Army for the remainder of the CHOGRM meeting.

The Hilton case has been highly controversial due to allegations that Australian security forces may have been responsible. This led to the New South Wales parliament unanimously calling for the Commonwealth to hold an inquiry in 1991and 1995.The federal government refused to hold an inquiry.

In June 1978, members of the Ananda Marga organisation were implicated by a police informant, Richard John Seary, but his evidence has been discredited. A member of Ananda Marga, Evan Pederick, claimed in 1989 that he had carried out the Hilton bombing on the orders of another member, Tim Anderson. Both men went to prison, but Anderson was acquitted on appeal in 1991. Pederick served eight years in prison. …”

“…There were a number of unusual circumstances surrounding the bombing, namely:

  • There was a continuous police presence outside the building since the previous morning. This would have prevented anyone placing a large bomb into the rubbish bin while the police were there.
  • William Reeve-Parker provided a statutory declaration that an army officer had admitted planting the bomb by switching rubbish bins 24 hours earlier. Reeve-Parker denied knowledge of who the officer was, although he “had helped his son”. Reeve-Parker was never called as a witness at the coronial inquest.
  • The driver of the truck, Bill Ebb, stated that police had prevented three earlier trucks from emptying the bin that contained the bomb which was overflowing with rubbish.
  • The garbage bin had not been searched for bombs. Searching bins is normally a high priority, and is specified in New South Wales police permanent circular 135.
  • The entire truck and all bomb fragments were dumped immediately afterwards at an unrecorded location. This prevented forensic evidence, such as the type of explosive used, from being gathered. (This was compared to the detailed evidence retrieved from the Pan Am Flight 103 that exploded at 30,000 feet.)
  • Army dog handler Keith Burley said that his dogs could smell very small quantities of explosives, and were expected to be used for the event. He said they were unexpectedly called off a few days prior without explanation.
  • The officer-in-charge of police immediately after the bombing, Inspector Ian MacDonald, claimed there had been a “cover-up”.
  • Former Attorney General of New South Wales Frank Walker and Federal Government Senator Gareth Evans had been told by a CSIRO scientist that under pressure from ASIO they had made two fake bombs in the week prior to the bombing. The bombs were designed not to explode but could do so in a garbage truck compactor.
  • The principal private secretary of a federal senator was told that the bomb squad was waiting nearby at this early hour of the morning. That would suggest that they knew about the bomb. The government would not permit people from the bomb squad to be called as witnesses to the inquest.
  • Sgt Horton stated that he saw an occurrence pad entry that showed the warning call was received at 12:32, 8 minutes before the bomb exploded. It was not relayed instantly to the police out front. At the inquest four other versions of this pad were shown, each timing the call at 12:40. (It may not have been relayed because police already knew about the bomb and the call was merely a pretext to call the waiting bomb squad.)”

Make up your own opinion, and ask yourself – when the governments pass ever more restrictive “security” laws – whom are they trying to protect? You? ]

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