captain.besley18th February, 1914 : Captain Campbell Besley, a British hunter and explorer, is the talk of New York. He arrived in the city today from the jungles of Peru to announce that his expedition had discovered the ruins of three Inca cities in forest near Cuzco. The largest city, called Plateryoyoc, contained buildings more impressive than London’s Houses of Parliament.

Two-and-a-half years ago – on 24th July, 1911 – a US historian, Dr Hiram Bingham, discovered near Cuzco the lost Inca capital of Machu Picchu.

[ The time when men were men… “Born in London in 1874, James Campbell Besley spent his boyhood in various corners of the British Empire, including South Africa and Australia, then back to England for Eton and Oxford, returning to Australia for a degree at the Broken Hill School of Mines in New South Wales. After two years with a mining company, he joined the rush to the gold fields of Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie in western Australia, made a bundle, sold out and went to the Klondike gold rush 10,000 miles away. In the first six months, he took out a quarter of a million dollars worth of gold, and spent 12 more months adding to that sum. He also saved two men from death by cold and starvation, and was honored by the naming of Besley Creek…” I recommend the whole fascinating story The obsure Mr Besley. ]

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