23rd February, 1920 : The large Allied force, which landed in southern Russia last December to save the area from anarchy, is on the verge of defeat and withdrawal. The force of about 90,000 men, which includes among its number French, Greek, Polish and Rumanian troops, was intended to bolster the fortunes of General Anton Denikin in his struggle for power against the increasingly triumphant Red Army.

denikin.volunteerThere has been chaos in the area with the Nationalist, Anarchist and Bolshevik bands fighting each other in a free-for-all cut-throat war. From the outset the Allied force has been hit by fierce cavalry raids from all sides and even its Odessa base is under attack. The Cossack volunteer armies commanded by Denikin, who has been declared de facto ruler of the Caucasus, are also disintegrating under pressure from General Semyon Budenny’s Red cavalry. The British air force and tank detachment attached to Denikin is expected to be withdrawn in the next few weeks.

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