24th February, 1920 : An extremist political group, which appeared on the scene in the wake of the brief Bavarian Soviet Republic, today published a programme for creating a Third German Reich. According to its spokesman, Adolf Hitler, a former army corporal, the group is to call itself the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) and will campaign against the “Versailles Diktat” as well as Jewish and capitalist influence in German society.

HitlerPaintingHitler, who was known by his mother’s name of Schicklgruber until he joined the army in 1914, once earned a living painting picture postcards in his native Austria; (one of his paintings on the left) he is now devising banners, posters and a swastika flag for his party. He is also said to be practising public speaking.

[Fighting “Jewish and capitalist influence”? Our Leftists have taken over the fight.]

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