Misogynist* feministas

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Forget cliterectomy and other joys of Muslim womanhood; the harpies clique pretending to represent all women has more important matters to ponder. For example TV ads – Fog of Chaos The march of the feministas. It pains me to write this, but have the women, the real women ever considered the damage those harpies do to them? Then, of course, have the workers ever considered the damage the bikie-gangs-coddling trade union apparatchiks are doing to them?

But to the important, at least to those pitiful excuses for the fairer sex, matter. Some obscure Indonesian firm is manufacturing feministas-offensive shirts.

washing.instructionsWashing instructions: Give this shirt to a woman. It’s her job,” Salvo Sports printed on the shirts of Indonesian Super League team Pusamania Borneo.

The instructions rapidly drew criticism on social media.

The company offered an apology on Sunday, International Women’s Day, after being inundated with complaints.

“The message is simply, instead of washing it in the wrong way, you might as well give it to a lady because they are more capable,” Salvo Sports posted on Twitter.

“There is no intention to humiliate women. In contrast [we want to tell the men] learn from women how to take care of clothes,” it said.

It added that the company wanted to apologise profusely for any misinterpretations.

One learns something new every day:

  1. The Indonesian men, predominantly Muslim and at least in their own opinion very macho, wash their own shirts.

  1. Some of them can’t manage to do so.

  2. In the opinion of the Salvo Sports PR salvage person (a woman?), Indonesian women are capable of washing clothes; ladies more so.

  3. Indonesians apologise as much as Obama.

The statistics from 2011 show that the Indonesian female unemployment ( age 15 to 24 years) was 21%. Who knows what it is today. So what’s so wrong with washing shirts? Most men can manage.


*/ misogynist in the proper, original meaning of that word; not the definition hastily cobbled  by the then PM Gillard’s intellectually challenged sisters in charge of the Macquarie Dictionary.

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2 Responses to Misogynist* feministas

  1. Cat Morgan says:

    Some women are simple and some are devious. At the moment the devious are leading the simple ones.

  2. Grumpy Man says:

    I’m almost reluctant to write this – but – the women must be indeed very unintelligent to let such demented rabble to speak for them.

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