5th May, 1980 : The Special Air Service made a spectacular assault on the terrorist-occupied Iranian Embassy in Knighstbridge tonight, killing four of the five gunmen who took over the building six days ago and rescuing 19 hostages. The once elegant building, set on fire by the explosive charge used to blow in the armoured first-floor window, is now a gutted ruin. The assault became inevitable when the gunmen,the members of the Democratic Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Arabistan, demanding the release of political prisoners in Iran, started to shoot the hostages. They killed Abbas Lavasani, the Iranian Press Attache, dumped his body on the steps and threatened to murder a hostage every thirty minutes.

iran.embassy.sasIt was then that the Counter-Revolutionary Warfare team of the SAS came “to the aid of the civil power”. Black-uniformed figures wearing balaclavas and carrying sub-machine guns appeared on the balcony of the Embassy; others abseiled from the roof to break in through the rear windows. Inside the building the terrorists opened fire on their hostages, killing one Iranian diplomat. The SAS men worked their way through the building, picking off the terrorists with short bursts of fire and bundling the hostages to safety. The only terrorist to survive was protected by women hostages who pleaded for his life.

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