11th May, 1983 : The Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, (ALP) yesterday told Parliament that Soviet spy Valeriy Ivanov was expelled partly because he “cultivated” a relationship with the former ALP National Secretary, David Combe. He said the Cabinet security sub-committee had decided that Combe had been, or appeared to have been, “compromised” by his association with the Ivanov, and Ministers had been banned from having contact with him in his present role as a Canberra lobbyist. Mr Hawke said there was no foundation for any suggestion that Combe “is, or ever was, in any sense, a Soviet spy”.

f37ccbb6_cHM6KzAwMDAwMDA1NWExYWI1NGE_96c96_ffffff00[ Of course not. Spies have to have training and some discipline. He was just a typical informer – a snitch. It is worth recalling that Australian Labor Party had not abandoned the Soviet informer when his “lobbying” career so inconveniently ended. Comrade Combe started a business of bottling cheap and otherwise unsaleable wine, labelling it with his name. The ALP branches throughout Australia were obediently
‘marketing’ same, mostly buying for themselves and the 1917 revolution celebrations. The Labor has not changed since.

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