12th June, 1980 : Over ten million people in East Africa are threatened by what Britain’s Disasters Emergency Committee calls the “world’s worst famine”. The Committee is trying to raise £5 million to provide immediate relief. In Brussels, Common Market officials have decided to send £300,000 worth of food and drugs to Uganda.

somalia-refugee.campTwo years of drought, combined with at least half a dozen local wars, have led to widespread crop failures and a massive refugee problem. The famine area extends from northern Kenya, through Uganda, to Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti. Some two million people are reckoned to be refugees.

In Somalia, said to have the biggest refugee problem in the world today, an estimated 500 people are dying each day in refugee camps. In Karamoja area of northern Uganda, between, 400 and 500 people, mostly children, are dying each day. A million refugees have struggled to Sudan from Ethiopia, Zaire, Chad and Uganda.

[ 50,000 so far this year arrived in Italy, and, reportedly, another 500,000 are waiting on the northern African shores ]

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