22nd June, 1988 : The Burmese Government imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew on the capital, Rangoon, after student protesters burnt down a police station, set fire to policemen’s homes and wrecked cinemas. Five policemen were killed and 26 injured. One demonstrator was also killed in what is described as the worst violence in the past quarter century. The students are demonstrating against Burma’s increasing economic problems, which have caused food shortages. Their anger is particularly directed against the 26-year-long rule of General Ne Win, whose socialist Government is accused of corruption and incompetence.

[ The Wall Street Journal – 23 June 2015: “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently sent his country’s special forces into Burma to attack two militant camps, in retaliation for a series of deadly ambushes on Indian soil. Given reports that the militants’ activities have been secretly supported by Beijing, we may be witnessing not just an Indian antiterrorism campaign but the start of a proxy war between India and China.” ]

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