26th July, 1921 : Spain is reeling from a devastating military defeat inflicted in Morocco by a young Berber leader, Abdel Krim, son of a tribal chief, who once served with the Spanish. The Mellila garrison of 2,000 me has been wiped out, and its C-in-C, General Silvestre, committed suicide to avoid capture. During the Great War the Germans gave Abdel Krim guns to fight the French; instead he has turned them on the Spanish and seems set to destabilise the Spanish position in Morocco. Silvestre was a friend of King Alfonso and his death is certain to have political repercussions at home.

[ Today Mellila is under another attack, assisted by the Left-wing simpletons. A.Krim was mentioned here before – Berberia in the autumn of Arab discontent and september memories/20 ]

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