detroit.196727th July, 1967 : As paratroops from the 101st and 84th Airborne Divisions restored order in the riot-torn streets of Detroit, President Lyndon Johnson today announced the appointment of a high-level commission to look into the causes of the recent urban rioting in American cities. The Detroit riot began on July 24th when police were called to a noisy party at a “blind pig”, or illegal drinking shop. Relations between blacks and the police in Detroit have been poor since the race riot of 1943, and have deteriorated recently after two incidents in which black women were shot by policemen. Before the rioting was brought under control, at least 38 people had been shot.

While this is the most serious riot in recent years, rioting has broken out in dozens of US cities since 1964. Just this week, two were killed and many injured when thousands of Puerto Ricans looted shops in New York.

[ Obviously, Hussain Obama has still some work to do. But he is trying … ]

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