confrontation-cartoon11th August, 1966 : Three years of bush warfare between Indonesia and Malaysia came to an end today, with the increasingly powerless President Sukarno apparently the only person unhappy about the outcome. The Indonesian President hardly spoke in Djakarta today as the two countries agreed to “normalise relations”. He churlishly failed to see his Malaysian guest, the Vice-President Tun Abdul Razak, to the doors of his palace, and had no gift to present to him after accepting a silver tea-set.

Sukarno has lost a lot of prestige in this war, which was fought sporadically in jungle battles. He is also in a weak position following the attempted coup put down by the army last October. Army leaders had been carrying out secret talks with Kuala Lumpur for some time, and operations against Malaysia were abandoned several months ago. The Army can no longer be bothered with Sukarno’s anti-imperialist rhetoric, and senior officers seems more concerned with building up their own power base.

[ One would wish that our so-called political leaders and foreign affairs “experts” managed to read at least some history. ]

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