Cuckservatives in our midst

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Cuckservatism”. This peculiar neologism is not entirely to my liking, though I already had used it. I hope you looked at the links to cuckservatives in my previous writing here, Realism or .. ?, for while the curiosity may kill a cat, the lack of curiosity kills a human for sure; and just to be curious what somebody will say over your coffin does not count.

I prefer a term “pseudo-conservatives” or “faux-conservatives” but who today knows what “pseudo” or, worse, “faux” means? And beside that – is there any other kind of “conservative”?

According to the ever-so-infallible experts the “cuckservative” is supposed to be an amalgam of “cuckold” and “conservative”. Gaia spare me!

Let’s see the definition of a conservative of some time ago: “One who wishes to preserve the union of Church and State, and not radically to alter the constitution. The word was first used in this sense in January, 1830, by J. Wilson Croker in the Quarterly Review” (Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, 1952 edition) Today the Green rabble strives for the union of AGW Church and State, but still pretend to be the “progressive”.

Other definition from the same old book (I dislike the new stuff – the progies and feministas fed on the Chomsky’s inane “linguistics” took over editing of the dictionaries and are assiduously altering the sense and tenor of expressions to fit the Marxist ideology and adjust the meanings of words to cover up the illiteracy of the apparatchiks. I would not be surprised if they had changed the “official” pronunciation of the words difficult for, say Julia Gillard, to pronounce correctly. Perhaps soon their product would have to be called vaginery, for the
“dic” sounds far too masculine and therefore oppressive):

Cuckold – The husband of an adulterous wife; so called from cuckoo, the chief characteristic of this being to deposit its eggs in other bird’s nests. Johnson says “it was usual to alarm a husband at the approach of an adulterer by calling out ‘Cuckoo,’ which by mistake was applied in time to to the person warned.” … the Romans used to call an adulterer a “cuckoo, as “Te cuculum uxor ex lustris rapit”.“

However, you don’t expect Gen Y+ to read anything more than 24 hours old. They have never seen a bird except on TV and perhaps on their I-piss screens and the “nature” is something they watched in their mis-formative years on the Disney or Discovery Channel a day before yesterday.

In the nature the process thus means raising somebody else’s offspring. It is not the male bird ‘A’ which fertilises a female bird ‘D’, the partner of male bird ‘B’. ‘A’ fertilises its own female partner ‘C’, which, when her time comes, deposits her Cuckoo juvenileeggs into the nest of ‘B’ and ‘D’. ‘D’ hatches and ‘B’ provides. Neither ‘B’, nor ‘D’ notice that the eggs they care for are visibly different from their own, and that those strange hatch lings are far more demanding and aggressive than their own. Those may end up dead, thrown out of the nest. Bird brains dumbly assisting a suicide of their own species or the human-like, and thus highly commendable, compassion? A modern human society equivalent of ‘Bs’ and ‘Ds’ would be the taxpayers and I will leave it to your, hopefully not too politically correct imagination as to who ‘As’ and ‘Cs’ are.

Back to politics. The Left media attacks on the word indicate that it cuts them to the quick; they are used to running rings round the cuckservatives and hate anybody to point it out. Naturally “cuckservatives”, pseudo-conservatives hate it. They want to retain the lucrative monopoly on “conservatism”, and anybody who dares to suggest that they should actually do something beside speechifying is the enemy challenging their sinecures. Such enemies are branded racist, fascist, white supremacists, but interestingly enough not anti-semites any more, for the anti-Semitism has been adopted by the progies.

A typical reaction to that word by the cuckservative or at least an apologist for them is here, with my comments:

New York Times 13-08-2015 by Alan Rappeport –

As Republican presidential candidates offered careful answers ..

Careful? Meaningless would be far better word.

.. to questions about education, immigration and foreign policy at last week’s debate, streams of tweets panned their responses as too soft or disingenuous. Senator Marco Rubio is beholden to corporate interests, one said. Former Gov. Jeb Bush is weak on immigration, crowed another.

‘Panned’, ‘crowed’, all emotional words, typically used by demagogues. That Rappeport fellow should know. And basing his “analysis” on tweets? I guess only when it suits his ideology.

Many of them were adorned with a cryptic hashtag bearing a new word: “cuckservative.”

The phrase has caught on among a segment of disaffected Republicans, some of whom hold white nationalist ideologies and who feel many of the party’s presidential candidates are not conservative enough.

Rappeport’s dishonesty is obvious here by using ‘and’ between the two parts of the whole. But that what makes him so valuable New York Times journalist.

And they are frustrated by the willingness of Republicans in general to compromise on a variety of issues, like spending or the Confederate battle flag, or they accuse them of being beholden to their donors.

Can anybody honestly, honestly, Rappeport, deny the truth of that? The Republicans betray their voters daily.

It’s a very good shorthand meme to express a certain kind of frustration and a certain kind of contempt for mainstream conservatives,” said Richard B. Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute, which promotes the preservation and cultivation of white culture in the United States.

I think that Mr Spencer got it right. Rappeport however, himself undoubtedly a black, African-Mexican or something in the now so de riguer by-the-whites-victimised minority, uses “the preservation and cultivation of white culture” in a derogatory sense, clear to and so beloved by NYT readers.

But what does the word actually mean?

Cuckservative is an amalgamation of the word cuckold — the husband of an adulterous woman — and conservative.

The implication is that mainstream Republicans, like jilted husbands, are facing humiliation and have lost sight of their futures.

Rappeport obviously does not know what ‘jilted’ means.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups, called the term the “ultimate insult” that the white nationalist movement can deliver to politicians who they feel have veered too far to the left. “The term, at its core, may be racist,” the group said.

To the SPLC everything is racists; those lawyers in order to get finance will find rampant racism amongst Eskimos, formerly Inuits, better known as Nanucks. Of course, if you think it is mostly the blacks who deposit their offsprings to ‘Bs’ and ‘Ds’ to raise …

Many who use the #cuckservative hashtag on Twitter espouse the view that the United States is shifting from a white-dominated country to one that caters too much to minority groups.

And many do not. This is what passes for a political analysis in USA in 2015.

The radical nature of those ideas along with the pornographic connotations associated with “cuckold” have made the word a subject of hand-wringing among some conservative commentators.

Pornographic? What’s pornographic about adultery? One could be tempted to think the cuckservatives are grasping at the derogatory straws. Racist? Pornographic? Islamophobic? Misogynists? Democratic?

There is a community of conservatives who think Republicans should be racists,” said Jim Harper, a scholar at the Cato Institute. “I think there is probably a relatively sizable number of people out there who see the term ‘cuckservative’ as a valid criticism of conservatives.”

I believe that there is far larger community of progies who think Democrats should be Marxist, or rather more Marxist than at present. And, though I feel it should not be necessary to repeat – Marxism killed far more human beings than racism.

Use of the cuckservative hashtag peaked toward the end of last month, when it was used more than 5,000 times in one day, according to data from Topsy, a social media analytics tool.

Perhaps true, but how many over thirty use hashtags? The oldies still vote.

Mr. Trump has largely been spared of criticism from this corner of the web. In fact, his political rise has coincided with its ascendance and many who use the word defend him and his anti-immigration stances.

? ? ? Oh, that devious Rappeport and his simple readers!

William Brooks of South Carolina, said he was moved to use the term out of frustration at Republicans after many agreed to take down the Confederate battle flag.

Caving in to the progies on the flag was yet another despicable surrender by pseudo-conservatives. The Civil War was not about slavery and interestingly enough nobody calls for banning the homosexual rainbow flag following the shooting of white TV reporters by a black homosexual.

A Southern Baptist who associates with the Tea Party, Mr. Brooks said that people who say “cuckservative” are disenfranchised Republicans, not racists.

We voted Republicans into majorities of both the House and the Senate, as well as many state races so that they would oppose the Obama agenda,” Mr. Brooks said in an interview on Twitter. “But they have done the opposite and rubber stamped nearly everything that has been put in front of them.”…

Can anybody deny the truth of that statement? (Honestly, Rappeport )

If that word, “cuckservatism”, is to have any meaning I would suggest that it simply implies that the conservatives hatch and nurture the creed inimical to their original one, out of inability to distinguish their own ‘eggs’ from those of their enemies. Allowing the Marxist vocabulary, the first foreign ‘egg’, to define political discussions was a fatal step, probably irredeemable. As time passes, the conservatives have forgotten what their ideas, ‘eggs’ were supposed to be and are now raising the ‘birds’ of their own destruction.

This explanation is simple, logical and only the racist, pornographic, homophobic, misogynist and islamophobic progies and cuckservatives can get offended by it. If you are confused by all this, remember that the Left lunatic fringe is now the mainstream.


/This article got rather long and I still have something to write, not only about Turnbull. Perhaps next time./

About Antisthenes

A Greek philosopher, a pupil of Socrates. Led a revolt, with Diogenes, against the demands of the city-state and the sophistication of life. Accepted the interrelation of knowledge, virtue, and happiness; and sought the ideal condition for happiness in return to primitivism and self-sufficiency. Rejected all social distinctions as based on convention, scorned orthodox religion as a fabrication of lies, and studied early legends and animal life in order to arrive at a true understanding of natural law. The individual was free and self-sufficient when he was master of his passions, secure in his intelligence, impervious to social or religious demands, and satisfied with the poverty of a mendicant. Needless to say, a person who on the Fog of Chaos adopted the Athenian philosopher's name has nothing whatsoever in common with him.
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4 Responses to Cuckservatives in our midst

  1. Sartory says:

    Any ‘conservative’ not the approved or tolerated ‘cuckservative’, is immediately branded ‘fascist’, ‘racist’ ; the media pour its fabricated filth on him/her, the progressive ‘elite’ is outraged, twits boil over. Why bother?

  2. Karl the Last says:

    All very nice, but what can you do with stupidity? You can’t argue and violence is not approved.

  3. Travesty Justice says:

    This word will not catch on. It is too long for an average human being.

  4. Deb Sanitero says:

    If there are any true conservatives in Australia, they are well hidden.

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