It is summer in the more important half of the globe and so it’s the high time to go on holidays.

Pope Francis would agreeChristmas is approaching: there will be lights, parties, lighted Christmas trees and manger scenes… it’s all a sham,” he said at Mass in his chapel Thursday at the Santa Marta residence where he lives in the Vatican.”

However, “the Vatican had just put up a massive Christmas tree in the center of Saint Peter’s Square, which will be decorated on December 8 for the start of the Vatican’s Holy Year with Christmas ornaments made by children from cancer wards in different Italian hospitals.

In front of the tree, a life-size nativity scene will include 24 wooden figures, with sculptures of ordinary people surrounding Mary, Joseph, the wise men, shepherds, and the baby Jesus.”

Who would dare to accuse the Christ’s representative on earth of hypocrisy especially when he is so busy trying to save the world from global warming? The mafia pretending to be Roman Catholic conscience has centuries of experience in telling the rubes what to do while it unblushingly does the opposite.

Our secular saviours Obama,Turnbull, Merkel, Trudeau et al assure us there is absolutely nothing to worry about except that global warming, which sneakily paused for over 18 years obviously in order to lull us. They will protect us from that also, even if they have to take all poor people’s money and give it to their mates.

Even that political animal extraordinarire Michelle Malkin declared there should be no politics for Thanksgiving.

Since we in Australia, with the honourable exception of Norfolk Island, don’t celebrate Thanksgiving* we can’t follow her advice to the letter.

Nevertheless, Fog of Chaos too will take a break, relatively lengthy, from the politics. There still will be posting, albeit minimal and, barring the climate change World War III, as envisaged by Philosopher Prince Charles, no geo or local politics.

We agree with Papa Francis that there is not much joy in the world, but “He that is of merry heart hath a continual feast” (Old Testament Proverbs XV 15). We don’t need the typical commercial Christmas celebration to enjoy good food and drink, and believe that at Christmas one should take time for reflection and, dare we to say it, for serious introspection.

See you in January, inshallah.


*/ Perhaps we should, for so far, fingers crossed, we have a lot to be thankful for, no thanks to Turnbull, and, I’m told, no presents are being given on that occasion.


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  1. Aussie Bruce says:

    Very sensible. I’m going fishing.

  2. Fragil Mind says:

    Don’t strain yourselves, fellows. I approve. Treacheous politicians, the left MSM, Islam and human stupidity will be still with us when you come back.

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