A Christmas Greeting

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)


Welcome, Brazilian brother – thy ample place is ready;

A loving hand – a smile from the north – a sunny instant hail!

(Let the future care for itself, where it reveals its troubles, impedimentas,

Ours, ours the present throe, the democratic aim, the acceptance and the faith;)

To thee to-day our reaching arm, our turning neck –

to thee from us the expectant eye,

Thou cluster free! thou brilliant lustrous one! thou, learning well,

The true lesson of a nation’s light in the sky,

(More shining than the Cross, more than the Crown,)

The height to be superb humanity.

(from a Northern Star-Group to a Southern, 1889-90

About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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One Response to A Christmas Greeting

  1. San Domis says:

    Savour the moment. Next year you won’t be able to get away with this provocative and devisive Christ shtick.

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