2nd January, 1905 : After a cruel seven-months siege the 20,000 strong Russian garrison at the great Korean naval fortress of Port Arthur surrendered to the Japanese today. At 4.30 p.m. General Anatoly Stoessel, the Russian commander, presented the documents of capitulation to Japanese general, Nogi Maresuke. General Noggi reported to the Emperor today that after occupying the last remaining forts he had suspended all operations. Almost all warships in the port were blown up and scuttled by the Russians before they gave in. Crowds, wild with joy, massed in Tokyo streets shouting “Banzai”. In St Petersburg there was gloom in the Russian official classes who are the only ones so far aware of the disaster in Orient.

[ Are only the official classes aware of Obama’s disaster everywhere? It would seems so – over 40% of Americans still believe he is good. ]

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  1. Altamira says:

    None so dull as those who would not think. The same proportion of Australians love that wimp Turnbull.

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