sunset-7-BeautifulFreePictures.com6th January, 1916 : The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly tonight for military conscription. Parliament’s judgement is that voluntary effort is not enough to win the war. There is equally in Australia and the other dominions a growing awareness that the numbers of volunteers are falling short of the urgent need for men at the front.

The Prime Minister, William Morris Hughes, favours conscription, but is aware of strong opposition in some sections of the Australian community. The British decision follows an analysis of recruiting which suggested that upwards of half-a-million single men fit for service have not volunteered.

[ So surprising! Perhaps those unwilling men read R Kipling’s Tommy, perhaps they remembered the treatment of veterans by the ruling class. How willing Aussie boys will be when our so called elites decide they should die to conserve their privileges is not too hard to guess. ]

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