9th January, 1909 : Striking miners, locked out of the Broken Hill Proprietary mine, clashed violently with armed police escorting provisions across the miners’ picket line. Yelling miners stoned and jostled police, and pursued them trying to free those arrested. Police reinforcement have been sent from Sydney to control the dispute which flared over a proposal by the Broken Hill Proprietary Company to vary wages according to metal prices. At least two explosions have occurred in Broken Hill since the dispute began and 11 employees were bashed as they left the mine.

[ This sort of extreme tactic is not needed today. The union goons are in government, from time to time; and if something similar happened, the police would not dare to interfere. The law does not apply to unions – see Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. Nothing will change under Turnbull and pussyfooting LibNats. ]

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