11th January, 1901 : At 10.30 a.m. a mighty roar signalled the world’s greatest single oil strike, as oil gushed 200 feet into the air above the Texas plain near the town of Beaumont. Spindletop Well appears to be capable of producing over 75,000 barrels a day – about half of the total consumption by the United States. Drilling began at Spindletop in 1893, but ran into problems. Captain Anthony Lucas, an Austrian-born mining engineer, took up the cause, convinced that oil lay bellow a subterranean salt dome. Still there were difficulties and still the oil “experts” scoffed at the idea of oil being found west of the Mississippi. Techniques for deeper drilling led to triumph.

[ More than a hundred years later and the experts are still “experts”. Say Natural Gas Fracking Falacy -or older –


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  1. Kornel says:

    We are badly served by the corrupt scientists. They should be made accountable for their dishonest and mankind damaging PC / Green recomendations.

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