14th January, 1947 : Hopes that up to 72,000 British migrants might come to Australia have been dashed. The Federal Immigration Minister, Arthur Calwell, has had to revise estimates – to a mere 6,000. He has also intimated that the door may be opened to non-British stock. The causes lie not so much in the unwillingness of Britons to emigrate, but in the feasibility of the proposition.. With 13,000,000 tons of British merchant shipping sunk during the war, the nation is struggling to build enough vessels simply to cater for import needs – above all food and raw materials to crank up industry. Most available ships are barely able to travel in.

Australia is now turning to Holland and Scandinavia, where there is some interest, but not enough to cover the shortfall. Eastern Europe is closed off as a possible source by the “Iron Curtain” and Spaniards and Portugese are known to prefer Latin America. However, thousands of southern Europeans would like to come here.

[ Migrant voes of the First Kind ]

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