rat30th January, 1900 : The threat of a widespread epidemic of bubonic plague continues to strike fear into the heart of city dwellers in Australia. The outbreak, which first surfaced in Adelaide two weeks ago, has spread to Melbourne and Sydney, but while a number of people are infected and are under treatment no deaths have been recorded in those cities. The first death in Adelaide was that of a young seaman, William Eppstein, who is described as a runaway from the barque Formosa, which arrived in Adelaide from New York in November. Several other seamen from the Formosa have been treated for plague symptoms. The captain of the ship acknowledged the presence of illness on his ship to officials and said that William Eppstein was “most filthy in his habits”.

Eppstein’s death caused such concern that he was ordered to be buried on an isolated island. In Melbourne there has been a Government promulgation that persons having rats are liable to a stiff fine of up to 40d per rat. The Sydney City Council has taken stringent measures to clean the city, including the formation of rat catching teams, which have made some huge hauls. Handbills have gone around telling householders not to keep any “refuse or filth” on their premises.

[ 'Are_you_a_mosquito_breeder'Today, ZIKA strikes fear. WHO has a reason to ask for more money; the mosquito-killing industry expects big profits and the pharmaceutical companies? Laughing all the way to the bank. By the way, I thought that those super hypocrites, Bill and Melinda, have already eliminated all the mosquitoes, but maybe only those malaria carrying ones. Opportunity to save the world again, Microsoft profiteers! ]

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  1. Beef Hungry says:

    The Guardian is not my favourite source of information, as every item is tainted by the Left/green propaganda, but disclosure of the internet billionares’ hypocrisy is amusing –

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