Eva Peron18th February, 1949 : Army leaders in Argentina are trying to force President Peron’s wife out of public life. They want her to retire and, preferably, go to live in Europe. Peron has countered by threatening to resign himself and the situation is now deadlocked because the Army does not want to risk a coup. Evita, as she is known to the people, was a small-part actress on radio and in films when she met Peron in 1943. She now yields enormous power through her personality and energy. She effectively runs both the Health and Labour Ministries. She controls a leading newspaper, La Razon. She heads the feminine branch of the Peronista Party. She runs the Eva Peron Social Aid Foundation which channels State funds to the poor.

The Army have good reason to fear her. She organised the union demonstrations which forced them to release Peron from prison in 1945. She married Peron the following week.

[Make hay while the sun shines? But all in all, she was not that bad, especially when compared to, say, Cristina Kirchner. ]

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