“The Gods Are Dead?”

…from the quills of the dead white poets

William Ernest Henley 1849 -1903


The gods are dead?   Perhaps they are! Who knows?
Living at least in Lempriere undeleted,
The wise, the fair, the awful, the jocose,
Are one and all.    I like to think, retreated
In some still land of lilacs and the rose.

Once high they sat, and high oā€™er earthly shows
With sacrificial dance and song were greeted.
Once ... long ago.   But now, the story goes,
                             The gods are dead.

It must be true.   The world, a world of prose,
Full-crammed with facts, in science swathed and sheeted,
Nods in a stertorous after-dinner doze!
Plangent and sad, in every wind that blows
Who will may hear the sorry words repeated: ā€“
                            ā€˜The Gods are Dead!ā€™ 

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One Response to “The Gods Are Dead?”

  1. Venona says:

    The Gods are either crazy or dead. It is the high time to end this farce and start again somewhere else, outside the Milky Way.

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