14th June, 1914 : The original story of Noah and the Flood was written down on early Babylonian tablets, according to an Oxford University professor. Like the Book of Genesis the tablets name a gardener, “Nuhu”, as the one who saved animal and human life. They also blame Noah for the loss of eternal life. It was Noah, not Adam, who ate from the tree of life in the Garden of Eden in the Babylonian story.

The professor has studied more than50 of the tablets, which were unearthed at Nippur and are housed now in the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

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  1. Rod says:

    This is a direct crib from Chronicle of the 20th Century – what interests me (as a synchronicity) is the date, exactly 98 years on, which validates the archetypal symbol and its correlation to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand 14/14

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